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We specialize in Land Surveying, Mapping, Civil Engineering, Land Development and more!

Areas of Focus


Land Surveying

Our staff specializes in everything from project management and development to layouts and more. Lakes Area Surveying is the preferred choice for your commercial or residential project in northern Minnesota and beyond.

We can assist with defining home boundries, guide you through land disputes and support you with your project from concept to completion.

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Lakes Area Surveying provides detailed mapping services by using industry leading technology and software. We will deliver an extensive view of your land and help you understand your property as your project begins and get your started in the right direction.

Whether you are in need of image-focused maps to township area maps and more, we are your mapping solution.

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Land Development

Looking into subdividing or re-zoning?

Lakes Area Surveying of Northern Minnesota can help you make well informed decisions on your project and keep things moving in the right direction. We strive to help you meet your goals – on-time and within your proposed budget.

Whether your project has a commercial or residential focus, our staff members have the experience to assist you in making confident, well informed decisions that will help avoid issues, while saving time and investment.

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Environmental Services

Does your residential or commercial property sits on wetland area, you have an obligation to mitigate any potential damages that may be caused to the surrounding eco-systems. Lakes Area Surveying is here to help you stay environmentally conscious.

Rest easy and let the team at Lakes Area Surveying make the complex simple.

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